Yoga & Pilates Online 1-1 Tuition

with Elise 


1-1 Tuition will continue until the end of August 2021, after which Elise will be on maternity leave until summer 2022. We are currently building an Online Yoga Video Class Library, which we hope will be ready by August 2021, giving you access to dozens of practices, anytime you like for an affordable monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly, or 1 year subscription plan. Join our mailing list below for all updates!

1-1 tuition is a wonderful way to give yourself time to focus on you, with individual attention and a practice tailor made for your needs, interests and healing journey.

 Whatever your intentions and goals may be, working 1-1 with Elise gives you the flexibility and personalised focus to explore whatever aspects of Yoga, Pilates, meditation, mantra, and relaxation are most suited to the way you feel in the moment at each given appointment. 

In over 14 years of teaching experience Elise’s holistic approach to health and wellness incorporates the diversity of these wonderful practices. You can include all of the above in your sessions, or focus in on one area that interests you, such as just Pilates, or just yoga.

Online sessions are held on Zoom, with the option to record your sessions so that you can practice with the video replay between live sessions, adding greater value to your experience and supporting your home practice.


About Yoga


Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice, a holistic life science that combines physical exercises to improve strength and flexibility, with breathing practices, meditation, mantra recitation, and guidance for life to enhance mental and spiritual wellbeing. The word yoga means “union”, essentially, "that which brings you to reality."

About Pilates


Pilates is another form of low impact exercise. Created in the 1980s by Joseph Pilates it focuses specifically on postural alignment, developing core strength, bringing balance to your body, and improving general fitness. 



1 hour Session
1 hour Session£50

To book email: [email protected]


10 Session Package
10 Session Package£475

Recommended for weekly bookings.

To book email: [email protected]