This Tibetan Buddhist mantra can aid in clearing a space or environment of negative energies. It calls in white light and protection from Vajrapani; the protector of dharma and great initiator, who is often seen at the entrance of a temple, holding a vajra (thunderbolt) to keep out negative entities. Chanting this mantra is a gift for all living beings, as it aids in clearing the earth's layer of consciousness (of which we are a part) of negative entities brought about by anger, violence, war, hateful acts and events. It is especially useful in creating a sacred space, (for meditation for example) and helps to clear negative energy from our physical, emotional and energy bodies, bringing a sense of peace, calm and clarity of mind. 


(Hoong Vahj-Rah Pay)


released October 3, 2020 
Elise Yuill Cohen - composition, vocals, guitar 
Charlie Bishop - hangs, percussion, drums 
Drew Salida - flute 
Andrew Pearson - bass guitar 
Produced by Elise & Charlie 
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Charlie Bishop 
Digital Artwork by Elise & Charlie