About Elise & Charlie


Elise and Charlie are sacred music artists from the South West of England. Their shared passion for music brought them together in 2019 at their local yoga studio in Devon where Elise held a community kirtan. Soon after a love story beyond the music blossomed. At the time Elise was in the midst of her second crowdfunding campaign for a new mantra album and seeking a special soul to help her produce it. Charlie was just that soul and has since acommpanied Elise on all her tour dates and events. Their first co-produced mantra album 'Hope Love Faith was released on 21 July 2021.

Their unique, world music sound weaves Elises’s rich, angelic vocals and delicate guitar parts with Charlie’s intricate and beautifully crafted hang drum melodies, tabla and percussion, in contemporary orchestrations of ancient mantras and heartfelt prayer songs for the earth and its beings. Their forthcoming studio album also features some treasured friends of Elise and Charlie who are phenomenal artists in their own right… more will be revealed very soon!

Elise’s former professional music background was as a contemporary folk singer. When she discovered kirtan (group devotional singing) during a yoga teacher training course in 2012, her spiritual path and creativity gradually began to dovetail as a deeper purpose was uncovered for her music.

Growing up in India and practicing yoga as a child, Charlie was surrounded by mantra, the tradition of kirtan, and the multitude of spiritual practices practiced in the East. He found his spiritual home in Buddhism and yoga, whilst music took him from playing full drum kit in rock ‘n’ rock bands to DJing in Ibiza, music production, sound engineering, and sound healing. When he met Elise his vision of devoting himself to the co-creation of a mantra band came into being.

Drawing inspiration and influence from a wide variety of global traditions of sacred music, Elise and Charlie now devote themselves to making music that inspires transformation, spiritual awakening, peace, healing and unity in diversity. Based in Devon they do this through their kirtan concerts, yoga and sound baths, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dance events, healing retreats and online events and classes.

About Elise Yuill Cohen


Elise released her debut EP ‘A Thousand Angel’s Tears’ in 2014, which was produced by acclaimed artist Howard Jones and mentor at the time. She supported Howard on a UK solo tour in 2016, during which fans supported Elise in a successful crowdfunding campaign to make her first album ‘Scarlet Begonias’ (2017). The album was produced by Peter Miles at Middle Farm Studios in Devon and features what has been quoted by the Sound & Silence Festival as ‘conscious folk songs’. 

After appearing for several years within folk, sacred music and yoga festival circuits throughout the UK, Europe and Asia, Elise’s writing meandered from ‘folk’ songs to compositions for the group devotional singing experience known as ‘kirtan’. In 2019 Elise released ‘Lakshmi’; a meditation album of the ancient Mahalakshmi Mantra. 50% of the proceeds from this goes to the Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation; a charity which supports some of the poorest children in the world and their families, through a variety of worthy projects.

Elise is also a certified Yoga Teacher (Devon School of Yoga 500hr), Pilates Instructor (STOTT Pilates) and a trained Life Coach (Wise Goose). She has over 14 years of teaching experience, an extensive background in contemporary dance, ballet and performing arts, and began performing professionally in musical theatre productions at the age of 8. Her current studies include nutrition, plant medicine, herbalism, shamanic wisdom and ceremony, and sound healing. 

About Charlie Bishop


Charlie’s gateway to music came through dance. At 4 years old he joined his mother's ballet school, and at age 10 gave a paid break dance performance at the Taj Mahal Palace in India! His professional studio experience began at Real World Studios in Box, at the age of 16, recording drums for Jane Siberry and Alex Giffford, on the compilation album titled Arcane, by WOMAD productions. He has since played drums in numerous rock and blues bands, touring extensively with the Spectrum Party Band, Bill Berks, Bex Marshall, and Andrew Pearson (The Beat) to name a few. Sound engineering, music production, DJing, photography, web/graphic design for companies such as Fragrant Earth, and managing a renowned crystal jewelry shop in Glastonbury, have all featured as branches of Charlie’s diverse and creative career path.

Charlie started yoga in India at the age of 6 to help his asthma which he cured through the practice of Pranayama (breathwork). This inspired a life long journey developing his innate skills as a healer and energy worker. He now has 25 years of experience working as a healing therapist, holds a Bachelor in Alternative Medicine, and certifications in Yoga, Qi Gong, ITEC Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, Indian Head Massage, Crystal and Sound Therapy. He is also a certified Reiki and Seichem (universal energy) Master, and trained by ESPA in their 5* Spa healing treatments and organic products, such as advanced Hot Stone Massage and treatments for cancer patients and other chronic diseases.